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Precautions for safety operation of cement ship unloader

The process of ship unloader in the operation of the cement, must regulate the regulations: 1, cement ship unloader mechanical cutting tool, tire, mould strength and strength should be consistent with the requirements of grinding, sharp, stable installation, reliable fastening. 2 、 the mechanical transmission part of the cement ship unloader should be equipped with protective cover. When operating, the protective cover is strictly prohibited to be disassembled. Machinery shall be installed in the machine shed. 3, should be no-load operation, confirm the normal before you can work. 4, knife row, tool should be stable and firm. 5, when the pipe is too long, auxiliary brackets should be installed. 6, the work may not bend over myopia workpiece. Disable hand groove and wipe iron filings. 7, the operation, non operating and auxiliary personnel may not stay around the machine to watch. 8, after the operation, the power should be cut off, lock the switch box, and daily maintenance.

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