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Selection principle of continuous ship unloader

The selection principle of continuous ship unloader: (1) ensure the safety of personnel and equipment (2) to reduce the material crushing (3) to avoid material loss in the transport process (4) to avoid the pollution of the environment when unloading the ship unloader (5) should have a stable production efficiency can reduce the maximum (6) the source of consumption (7) guarantee the service life of the equipment (8) to reduce the equipment investment and operation cost.

Continuous selection points of ship unloader (1) the reliability and security of the world, various types of ship unloader can meet this requirement, both running stability, safety protection device and the corresponding, can adapt to the actual operation process. Moreover, the degree of automation of operation has been continuously improved and improved. In the aspect of control, computer programmable controller is widely used to control the unloading process and to control the center, and the transmission of information is more advanced. (2) maintainability, because the continuous ship unloader is all closed transportation system, there are problems of inspection and maintenance.

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