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Side scraper reclaimer

Side scraper reclaimer

Brief introduction

Side scraper reclaimer is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, water conservancy and chemical industry, etc. because of its flexible arrangement and strong materials adaptability. The equipment adopts the overhead cantilever structure and side reclaiming process which reduces the yard space requirements. This kind of system can be arranged for several materials and several reclaimers for reclaiming several piles. Side type scraper reclaimer is suitable for all kinds of bulk materials especially the wet material and it has advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, low cost, easy operation and others.

Side scraper reclaimer does reciprocating motion along the railway at one side of yard (stacker runs at another side rail), reclaiming materials one layer by means of scraper chain system. The blades fixed on scraper chains scrape the materials to unloading point and then discharging away by belt conveyor.

Side cantilever stacker/ side scraper (bucket) reclaimer is widely used for various bulk material yards. This kind of stacking and reclaiming system is suitable for different materials and solves the problem of sticky and wet material such as sandstone, sulfuric-acid residue, coal gangue, coal, etc. It is especially suitable for longitudinal yard with small storage and variety materials. A single yard can be divided in several piles and with several side scraper reclaimers to achieve the reclaiming material through several piles. At the same time, overhead structure realizes the optimal utilization of yard.


Basic structure

Side scraper reclaimer consists of scraper reclaiming system, hoist system, frame, fixed end beam, swing end beam, railway, guiding chute, power cable reel, control cable reel, lubrication system, control room, etc.

Main technical parameters


Gauge   (m)


Bulk   density (t/m³)

Granularity   (mm)



Reclaiming   capacity

Length   of beam

Optional   way

Side   scraper reclaimer


Limestone,   coal, accessory material, etc.






Rising   head type/inclined type/horizontal type

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