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Semi-Portal scraper reclaimer

Semi-Portal scraper reclaimer

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Brief introduction

The stacking and reclaiming system of portal scraper reclaimer and side cantilever stacker or crown block type stacker is widely used in the steel, cement, chemical and other industries.  It is applicable to the longitudinal yard with flexible stacking requirements and low homogenizing requirements which can be used indoor and outdoor. It has the advantages of small area, large capacity and low pollution.

Portal scraper reclaimer is divided into semi portal and portal type according to different structures. Semi portal scraper reclaimer is on retaining wall which is often used with crown block type stacker of which stacking and reclaiming not interfered each other and improves the production efficiency. Portal scraper reclaimer is used with side cantilever stacker.


Portal scraper reclaimer has good adaptability of materials which is applicable to all types of materials including wet materials.Portal reclaimer saves the yard space greatly and not restricted by pile which can reach any pile quickly. Portal reclaimer meets the requirements of variety materials in a single yard.The span of portal reclaimer is big, which can realize large reserves, high productivity and low load.

Lower the reclaiming beam to preset depth of scraper and then start automatic reclaiming system that the scraper system operates. The materials are scraped from side of pile to belt conveyor and reclaimer reciprocates along one side railway and reclaims materials on different layers. The portal scraper reclaimer with large reclaiming capacity can be installed with two parallel reclaiming beams. The portal scraper reclaimer with large gauge can be with double reclaiming beams of which main beam is for reclaiming and the assistant beam is for feeding. The main beam and assistant beam is hinged connected.

Basic structure

Portal scraper reclaimer consists of portal frame, reclaiming beam, hoist system, scraper chain driving part, cable reel, lubrication system, control room, etc.

Main technical parameters


Gauge (m)


Bulk density (t/m³)

Granularity (mm)

Moisture (%)

Reclaiming capacityt/h

Length of beamm

Optional way

Portal scraper reclaimer


Limestone, coal, accessory material, etc.






Semi portal /portal

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