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Use and maintenance of air conveyer

1, start the fan first and then feed, shut down when the first feeding, until the material is delivered (or close to the end) and then stop the fan, the bifurcation of the fan does not stop;

2, the conveyor slot should be sealed, such as leakage, leakage of powder should be repaired;

3, when changing polyester air permeability layer:

* cutting, cutting the air permeability layer according to the required size, using electric iron (or heating steel bar) to heat the incision to prevent diffusion;

* drilling, with an iron bar is slightly smaller than the diameter of the heating installation bolt, breathable layer around the site of perforation perforation need. Take care not to burn the air vent when the flame is in the hole. If the drilling rig, the rig should be used after hot iron Kong Zhou hot iron block, to prevent raveling;

* tile box for breathable layer, through bolts, surrounded by iron bar pressing, tighten the nut can be used;

* strip (or flange) should be stabbed and welded to dry;

* in order to ensure the sealing, the polymer sealant (or 10 mm thick wool) is applied around the lower surface of the air permeable layer.

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